International Color Bundle

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This bundle features four lessons, each highlighting a masterful use of color. Get inspired by artists from around the globe as you draw, design, apply color and use your imagination! You'll learn about and be inspired by 4 locations along with the artists and their work. We look at artists Amrita Sher Gil, Henri Matisse, James Lesesne Wells, and Peruvian Textile designs. Follow along with printable templates and an accordion book for each lesson.

What's included:

  • 4 streaming-video lessons, 3 hours of learning content!
  • 4 printable templates
  • 4 printable accordion books

Supplies you'll need:

  • Oil pastel (recommended) or colored pencil, markers or crayons
  • Regular pencil and eraser
  • Print out of our custom template
  • Print out of our custom accordion book
  • Optional: scissors, glue stick and a blank sheet of paper for framing the finished artwork