Truth be told, high quality arts education is not cheap.

Throughout my career I have observed three elements that impact the affordability of an arts program:

  1. The cost of an expert Artist-Educator
  2. The cost of in-depth curriculum that connects art with the real world
  3. The cost of high-quality materials

In previous roles as a Classroom Teacher; Arts Administrator, Researcher and Grant Writer I can attest to how difficult it is for districts and schools to consistently budget for these items. Yet, great schools (and homeschool families) know a well-rounded education, including the arts, is a must.

So what’s a person to do when the budget is tight?

The Artisan program came forth after years of working in many types of schools, wishing I could reach more kids and campuses with the power of learning through the arts. There has to be a way, I thought, to make world-class arts education easy to implement and consistently affordable.

Enter the rise of e-learning and the crisis of Covid19.

Together with my husband and Co-Founder Ben, we got to work developing a program that could translate arts learning into a digitally accessible format. The result is Artisan.

Artisan is a hybrid Arts-Education program that unites best practices in e-learning with vibrant, project-based, group instruction.

Artisan is:

  • Affordable: pricing starts at just $149/year for the complete curriculum for homeschool, and $499/year for a school wide license.*
  • Aesthetic: adding more joy, beauty and inspiration to your campus or homeschool
  • Authentic: rooted in timeless art practices and globally inspired traditions
  • Adaptable: created for easy facilitation in a variety of settings

*materials are purchased separately and average $5-$8 per student or $40-$60 per homeschool family. Materials are selected for their quality and versatility: one set of materials produces multiple projects.

Unlock the Joy of a fine-crafted Artisan Experience for the kids in your sphere!

Curious to learn more? Click here to visit our website and download a free test drive today!



Rebecca Faubion