What about the learners at your school (or in your household) who don’t naturally LOVE art? Can this program benefit them?

We think so.

Artisan is a hybrid Arts-Education program that unites best practices in e-learning with vibrant, project-based, group instruction.

Artisan was designed to engage all learners in a big picture discovery of creative entrepreneurship. We intentionally crafted different entry points so all learners could find a niche and feel successful, even if they have less interest in the Fine Arts overall.

Artisan Features:

  • Four tracks to encourage student choice and self-direction
  • A library of step-by-step videos to inspire and challenge every skill level
  • Artisan Currency and (optional) Ledgers to encourage number sense and financial literacy
  • Artisan Market Day: the series culminates in a real-world experience of selling one’s art

Curious to learn more? Click here to visit our website and download a free test drive today!



Rebecca Faubion

Co-Founder, www.artfulkidsclub.com