What would be the ideal art classes for your kids? After teaching art for over 20 years, and asking parents in many different settings, some answers keep coming around. What would it be like if you could have it all? Let's dream together for a moment:

Kids Art Classes near me - no crazy cross town schlepping. Maybe the chance to sit with your spouse or a friend, and share a peaceful moment while your kids are enjoying a world-class learning experience.

Kids Art Classes Online - art classes you can access from almost anywhere in the world, so you never have to miss a lesson.

Kids Art Classes with Blended Learning - art classes that unite online learning with hands-on experience, merging high-tech with handmade traditions.

Kids Art Classes that Inspire - art classes with vibrance, depth and many angles of appeal, so every one of your kids or their friends gets hooked on being creative.

Kids Art Classes for Project-Based Learning - art classes linked together in an insightful curriculum, building knowledge and culminating in an exhibition for the community.

Kids Art Classes that teach Entrepreneurship - not just art for arts sake, but a thoughtful dive into art that serves society with marketable value.

Kids Art Classes that teach Self-Directed Excellence - art classes built around student choice, where skills are taught in the context of the student's personal vision.

Kids art Classes that teach Mastery - art classes with opportunities to perfect a technique and claim individual style.

Kids Art Classes featuring Air-Dry Clay, Wood Crafts, Paper Sculpting and Pastel Painting - not just one media or approach, but many.

Kids Art Classes for After School Programs - so that kids can enjoy a longer school day that's both meaningful and a delight.

Hmmm....this all sounds right. Could it be right for you? I invite you to give the new Artisan series a try. It's Kids Art Classes packed with the dreams of many parents, school leaders, and young "Artisans-in-the-Making." Follow this link to our site and download your free, no-strings attached trial lesson.