On May 25th 2021, I had the opportunity to attend a webinar called "#ArkTalks: What is the future of digital technology in schools?" Hosted by a UK based educational nonprofit, the panel featured global experts as they discussed e-learning in the wake of Covid19. Here are some key points that stood out to me:

The best e-learning is designed around great teaching:

  • According to Dr. Andreas Schleicher (Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills at OECD and mastermind of the PISA international testing regime), “much of what we see today in Ed-tech minimizes the role of the teacher...it constrains innovative pedagogy”
  • “Teachers should not just be implementing commercial solutions but should be at the center of learning solutions design”
  • “Leading nations are doing that. This is where true innovation comes from”

In-person learning will almost always be superior; but e-learning has a place:

  • The best e-learning flows within a bigger context that includes the social, emotional and intellectual development of learners
  • Guardrails need to be placed around screen time; e-learning is ideally a component and not the core of a student’s experience

As I reflect on these points, I’m more determined than ever to continue designing curriculum that brings timeless art practices into the technological present. On that note, let me introduce you to Artisan:

Artisan is a hybrid Arts-Education program that unites best practices in e-learning with vibrant, project-based, group instruction.

Artisan is:

  • Great Pedagogy: built by teachers for teachers/guides/parents
  • Strategic with Screen time: beautiful videos educate and inspire, but the real learning happens in community, as young Artisans take their creations to the next level
  • Responsive: welcoming feedback with regular program updates and new releases

Curious to learn more? Click here to visit our website and download a free test drive today!



Rebecca Faubion

Co-Founder, www.artfulkidsclub.com