For me, shopping for art supplies is one of life's simple pleasures. I love browsing the aisles of an art store, inhaling the scents of charcoal and wood, examining the texture of pastels or brushes, and getting inspired by the endless possibilities.

At the moment however, time is of the essence. Like many of you, I am balancing home schooling my kids with working from home, and the less I need to run errands, the better. Plus, shopping while wearing a mask isn't quite the same fun. These days, I order most of my supplies online. And, since I want to spread the joy of creativity with you, I've handpicked my favorite sets for convenient ordering.

Currently (and to my surprise) has the best deals on the items I recommend for our curricula. To get your supply order done in just minutes, click on the links below. You'll get a helpful visual for each item. Each item includes a note that explains why that particular choice makes the cut, and any options or substitutions you might apply. Meanwhile, happy shopping!

Supplies for Land and Sea Series

Supplies for Soaring Eagles Series

Supplies for International Color Series