What does the word Artisan mean? Artisan can be defined as (1) a highly-skilled person who creates things of superior quality, typically by hand (2) a product created in this manner.

For us at Artful Kids Club, Artisan is a choice word for entering the world of art from many angles. We recognize that not everyone is called to become a fine artist. But we believe every human has an artisan aspect to their soul.

Do you appreciate the design of your favorite cup, the weight of it in your hands? Have you ever savored the aroma of fresh artisan bread? These Artisan experiences are everyday delights, handcrafted by someone for your benefit.

The Artful Kids Club Artisan Program is a learner-driven model for arts education for today’s kids. Imagine a group of kids--homeschoolers, public or private schoolers, or after schoolers-- on a journey of creative discovery, personal mastery and entrepreneurship. Everything is centered around this big idea: being an Artisan.

It’s a digital+hands-on experience for home, school or after school. As artists ourselves, we highlight timeless, hand-crafted techniques but we use modern tech to give learners choice and voice. We call this blended-learning for the arts.

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